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Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. - Aerial view   Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. - Wire production line

In 1983 Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. took over building and machinery of the first industrial enterprise set up at  Lumezzane in 1860. Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. started a radical reorganisation that enabled it to achieve in few years high levels in its area and world field.

Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. belongs today to a group of really integrated companies going back to the beginning of the XX century: already in 1929 Ghidini families were specialized in working non-ferrous metals as copper, brass, aluminium and German silver.

During some decades from the initial activity has developed a group of companies whose leader is Comm. Giampietro Ghidini. He ranges over different activities as, for example, the production of copper tube, flats, wires and ropes and brass rods; he produces also brass and plastic siphons for plumbing.

Ghidini’s manufacturing systems are always technologically at the leading edge and they have developed many hydroelectric plants belonging to the company in order to satisfy their own needs of electric supply. Raw materials are purchased directly from the mines in Chile, Congo, Peru and Zambia, this is guarantee of a very high quality.

Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. produces brass rods for industrial use; it produces also copper rope, wire, flat and tube that can be used in plumbing and industrial area.

The production uses also manufacturing systems that are technologically at the leading edge; they are continually tested by modern laboratories belonging to the factory.

In this way the quality of the product is guaranteed and the customer’s requirements are always satisfied.
In the philosophy of Ghidini’s companies the first objective is the continuous improvement concerning the most important wealth of the factory: THE CUSTOMER

Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. - Hydroelectric plant   Ghidini Trafilerie S.p.A. - Panoramic inner